Color Giants Coloring Pencils - Set of 12, Waldorf Assortment



Stockmar and Lyra in cooperation. 12 pencils plus a Splender in a tin case.
The top quality pencil is specially suited for art purpose:

  • colour tones are based on Goethes colour circle
  • very durable, lead goes all the way
  • triangular shaped, particularly suitable for the hands of children
  • brilliant colours

The extra colourless pencil, the Splender, allow you to create fantastic shadowing and spatial effects by binding and compressing the colour particles, giving the coloured surface a polished appearance.

Colour: 01 carmine red ¦ 02 vermilion ¦ 03 orange ¦ 04 golden yellow ¦ 05 lemon yellow ¦ 06 yellow green ¦ 07 green ¦ 09 blue ¦ 12 red violet ¦ 13 rust ¦ 14 yellow brown ¦ 18 prussian blue

Length: 17.5 cm
Diameter: 10 mm (pencils), 6.5 mm (lead)
Made in Germany

About Lyra

Founded by Johann Froescheis in 1806 in Nuremberg, Lyra is one of the oldest brands of pencils in the world. Lyra was one of the early companies to make ergonomic triangular shaped pencils for children. Their pencils can be found in Waldorf schools all over Europe.

About Stockmar

Based in Schleswig-Holstein, the Stockmar company has been making quality products for art and art teaching for many decades. Hans Stockmar started with beekeeping products and beeswax candles in 1922. Acting on the suggestion of certain art teachers he soon proceeded to develop his modelling wax, and more than 50 years ago the classic Stockmar wax crayon was then created. The watercolours and wax sheets came later. All Stockmar art supplies are made in Germany, non-toxic, harmless.

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