Ökonorm Magic Markers - 9+1 colors



These Magic Markers can color many types of surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood, etc. They make beautifully coloured pictures which change colours dramatically upon application of the Magic Wand! Children will also love to use the Magic Wand as invisible ink, which appears instantly when coloured over by any of the Magic Markers.

The Markers are long lasting and do not dry out easily. A drop of lemon juice or vinegar (added from rear cap) will refresh the ink.

9 colours + 1 colour changing pen with ventilated safety cap. Line width 6 mm.

Conforms to EN 71/9 and American ASTM D4236.

Made in Germany


About ökoNORM

ökoNORM was founded in 1989 in Frankfurt/Main by Ellen Schahn and Albert Krohn, who were active in environmental protection, citizens' initiatives and socio-politically. Today ökoNORM is a small, innovative manufacturer that is committed to the people and the environment. Their products meet the highest environmental and quality requirements. nawaro stands for renewable resources in German (nachwachsende rohstoffe

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