KPC毛冷 - Novomerino(粗)


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KPC's ultrafine pure merino is incredibly smooth and gentle against the skin. This is the first time fibre of this length and quality has been used for a hand knit yarn, and it is a pleasure to work with and to wear.

Chunky is quick to work up, so it’s great for beginners and weekend projects.

Brand: KPC
Yarn name: Novomerino
Material: 100% ultra fine merino wool
Yardage: 90 yds / 83 m
Weight: 100 g (Chunky)
Needle size: 6.5mm
Hook size: 7mm
Tension: 14 stitches x 19 rows
Yarn care:

About KPC

KPC's sheep are raised in Gostwyck in New South Wales, Australia where they have been producing wool since 1834. KPC makes sure that the sheep, goats and their environment are properly cared for, spins and dyes all its fleece, and oversees where every ball of wool is wound and packaged. KPC is proud to be the only company in the world to use merino wool of this superior quality for hand knit yarns.

The impeccable attention to care and quality extends even to the packaging. The ribbon can keep your ball of wool intact between projects, and the label can double as a gift tag when your project is ready.

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