Dollhouse with Balcony

Norbert Verneuer


Our traditionally designed, pine wood dollhouse is manufactured with great care and attention to detail. Your hands will be happy playing in a dollhouse made with such high quality wood and craftsmanship.

This enchanting dollhouse is made from pine wood and features flowing lines without sharp angles, just like nature. The room levels are connected by a central staircase, and there is a pretty balcony at the back of the house. This beautiful dollhouse presents a perfect venue for your child to build and manipulate his own little world.

Please note that the balcony has to be screwed on with two screws (included).

Size: 45x70x31cm (HxWxD)
Material: Pine wood and Alder Wood

ATTENTION! Dollhouse furniture and figures are not included and can be purchased separately.

About Norbert Verneuer

Norbert Verneuer of Billerbeck, Germany, founded his toymaking workshop in 1988 based on the belief that "Good wooden toys should not be a disposable item!" His work has been guided by four principles:

  1. High quality wood: Always use wood sourced locally, such as pine, beech, alder etc. Later he utilized FSC-ceritifed wood exclusively.
  2. Carefully organic contour: The shape of wooden toys will be deduced from nature. Round and rolling shapes of toys stimulate the creative thinking more than straight cutted and square-edged forms.
  3. Faithful expression of wood: The treatment of surface will be limited to natural oil with resin, wax and natural colors. The children should be able to see and feel with their hands the texture of the wood.
  4. Safety: Careful planning and a faithful workmanship ensures safety. All Verneuer toys fulfil the European Standard EN 71.

High quality toys should trigger a child’s curiosity so that she would explore the toy’s shape, colour, surface, function etc. She would then reenactment situations from her daily life, but infused with wild imagination. Toys that offer a child the space to create can be a companion for a long time.

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