As mother to a little girl, I have had the privilege of observing in close range the development of a soul. It amazes me how much children are like sponges, soaking up the sounds and sights of our world with their malleable but extremely sharp senses. These thoughts and feelings later found a voice in the Waldorf pedagogic philosophy, which emphasizes creative play and artistic expression. As I learned more about Waldorf education, the difference that good toys make became all the more acute to me. 

Why "good" toys?

I believe that all children need good toys that can inspire imagination and creativity. They should provide warmth, security, and company as the child ventures into the world. Adults like us just need to sit back and let the child take the lead, and you'd be amazed by how much in charge the child can become, expressing with creativity, learning to be with other people, and generating an endless supply of laughter in the process.

What we offer

However, it had proven difficult for me to find good toys in Hong Kong. Mainstream toys are either lifeless plastics or noisy electronics. Therefore I have founded Tree Children's Lodge to bring the best natural, beautiful, safe, and durable toys and crafts to Hong Kong. We will also be holding arts and crafts classes for both adults and children to nurture the busy souls of this city.

Our product ranges -

  • Superb wooden toys from all over the world
  • Handmade beautiful Waldorf dolls
  • Natural crafts supplies, such as wool felt, fabric, yarns, and beeswax
  • Art supplies imported from Europe
  • Artful objects that beautify living spaces
  • Chinese and English books on Waldorf education and Steiner philosophy



Starting 1 January 2020, Sara and Shawn have taken over Tree Children's Lodge as Sharon moved onto her next adventure! Read about their stories here!