Stretchable Nicky Velour

De Witte Engel


A plush, velvety soft and stretchy Nicky velour. Best suited for making dolls, doll clothing and sewing clothes.

Nicky velour is a knit fabric that is woven with loops that are later shaved off giving the fabric a lovely, soft and velvety feel while still retaining its stretch.

All cotton plush with a polyamide blend knit backing for stability. 80% cotton, 20% polyamide.

Colors may not show up accurately. Please enquire for other sizes.

Care instructions: Machine wash and dry on normal settings.
Made in the Netherlands

About De Witte Engel

De Witte Engel ("The White Angel") designs and produces unique innovative textile hobby and craft products made from natural raw materials. They are located on the island of Texel in North Holland.

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