FoFoCup - Foldable Tumbler (20 oz)


HK$165.00 HK$148.00

Everyone can probably agree that carrying one's own cup can save so much resources. And yet, carrying a cup around necessitates a bigger bag and a heavier load!

But what if a cup can be folded up? When you don't need it, just fold and collapse it flat. The smaller one can be put into your pocket. Even the larger one would take up very little space in your bag. The best part is, when you need it, just pull it round and it's ready for use!

FoFoCup is a cup no different from a regular one, just with a square bottom. There are also several engraved folding lines that make folding up the cup easy as pie.

FOLDnFOLD's team utilizes the unique characteristics of PP (Polypropylene) to make this award winning FoFoCup.

What makes FoFoCup so special?

  • Compact & lightweight
  • Reusable & recyclable
  • Safe for acidic and alkaline beverages
  • Safe for hot (up to 120ºC) and cold beverages
  • FDA-compliant; free of BPA, phthalates
  • Even safe for beer and wine! Cheers!

Winner of:

Capacity: 20 oz
Height : 16 cm
Made in Taiwan


FOLDnFOLD endeavors to make this world greener through innovation. To do so, however, means breaking a lot of rules.

FOLDnFOLD’s primary belief is “There is only one truth in the world. That is, there is no truth in the world.” That is why they are able to challenge the “truth” that people believed in with innovative products. Can a cup be folded? That might be an unquestioned "truth" to many people, but to us, that is not set in stone. That is how they came up with their first innovation — the FoFoCup. Just fold it!

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