Giotto Creamy Make-Up Tablets

Mercurius China

  • 6 colours, 1 cosmetic sponge, 1 cosmetic brush and 1 free "Step by Step" guide
  • The face paint can be easily removable by lukewarm water and mild soap or handkerchieves
  • Contains beeswax; free from PEG and PEG compounds and added paraffins
  • Made by Italian FILA Group in China
  • Gluten-free, dermatologically tested, easy to wash
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The Giotto Creamy Make-Up Tablets will transform your face and body into works of art! Practical and versatile, these paint will join forces with your imagination to create special effects with great detailing.

Dermatologically tested, the paint are soft and easy to apply.

They will wash off easily with warm water, neutral soap or cleansing wipes.

Made from real beeswax.


Classic colors: White, yellow, red, blue, green, black
Glamor colors: Purple, pink, silver, gold, orange, brown

Tablet diameter: 3.8 cm

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