Humble Brush

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  • Switch to bamboo toothbrush for a greener bathroom!
  • Eco-friendly toothbrush for your daily oral care
  • Designed by dentists in Sweden, focusing on functionality and eco-friendliness

Handle: Made of 100% biodegradable bamboo
Bristles: Made of Nylon 6, verified to be BPA-free
Packaging and wrapper are made from cardboard & plant materials



Colours: Purple, Yellow, Blue, White & Black 

Colours: Purple, Yellow, Blue & White

Nylon bristles in an eco brush. Really?

Yes, and there's one big reason why; Humble Brush has to work well as a toothbrush. After extensive testing and prototypes, using a more degradeable nylon was the only answer. All Humble Brushes therefore use Nylon 6 which degrades faster than lower grades of nylon. The bristles are varied by thickness to provide options for Soft (adult), Medium (Adult - UK Only) and Ultra-soft (kids). Humble Brush bristles have been verified to be free from the toxin BPA (Bisphenol A). Nylon 6 is a material ideally suited for dentistry but also degrades over time and can be processsed through regular waste channels. Importantly, there is no other plant-based material that would allow to use your brush for the recommended three months.

Support "Buy One Give One": for every toothbrush purchased, the Humble Smile Foundation will also donate one toothbrush or alternative oral care to a child in need. Check out

Taking care of your bamboo toothbrush

After use, suggest laying it horizontally on top of your glass or use a wall-mounted toothbrush holder to keep it dry.

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