Premium Quality Stainless Steel Straws


  • Innovation. The original stainless steel straw maker in Taiwan.
  • Quality assurance. Stainless steel imported from Japan and 100% processed in Taiwan.
  • Safety. Food grade stainless steel SUS304 (18% chromium + 8% nickel) and SUS316L (18% chromium + 10% nickel + 2% molybdenum), commonly used in corrosion resistant containers, utensils, and medical device, guaranteeing safety and hygiene of the highest standard.
  • SUS316L steel is more resistant to corrosion. This grade is recommended for those who consumes acidic or carbonated drinks and cannot rinse immediately.

Most straws are made with plastic. According to green groups, tens of thousands of plastic straws are washed ashore at beaches all over the world every day. This is more than just a disaster for our oceans - besides killing ocean animals and birds that mistake these straws as food, these straws might also degrade and enter into our food chain!

The founders of Quan Chang Taiwan came to be aware of this issue while working for a green group. As a solution, they imported stainless steel that are high purity, premium quality, and corrosion-, heat-, and oxidation-resistant from Japan and have it processed by a factory that makes sophisticated medical devices, to make medical grade environmentally friendly recyclable straws. They have also designed straws of different size and shape to fit every occasion.  All these efforts are expended to create a truly useful and high quality product that would contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Processing with precision

  • Every straw goes through a polishing and passivation process. It ensures that grimes and bacteria cannot adhere to the straw's surface

Usage instructions

  • Suitable for cold and warm drinks. To prevent injury, please let hot drinks cool a bit before using the straw
  • Suitable for 3 years old and above. Children should only use under close supervision and only when seated
  • The ends of the straw are deliberately made flat for safety concerns. A straw can puncture plastic lids when poked at an angle
  • May be disinfected by boiling water. Please be careful when retrieving afterwards
  • Do not place inside oven to prevent change in shape or color from high heat

Cleaning instructions

  • Rinse with water and clean with our nylon straw brush after use. Air dry
  • Before first use, vinegar or detergent may be used for cleaning
  • Please do not use steel wool or other harsh cleaning supplies to avoid damaging the straw's surface

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